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Mosaic, MOSI and MES

Source: The Arcadian | Written by: Dale Wolgast

Thanks to the efforts of Mosaic, the Museum of Science and Industry in Tampa was able to bring “MOSI in Motion: The Mobile Science Lab” to the fifth grade students of Memorial Elementary. For an entire week, students participated in hands-on science lessons provided by one of the leading organizations in science today. Activities included robotics, the exploration of the systems of animal and human bodies, and experiments in geology. The demonstrations were truly inspiring to students. The unique setting — a converted bus — in which the lessons were taught added to the high level of interest. Students loved the atmosphere of knowing something special was being presented.

Thanks go out to the MOSI instructors for making the experience so remarkable: Sara Turner, team leader, Charly Stinson, Hannah Raney, James Baio, Leslie Rosado, and Jonphillip Regenaa. Additional thanks go to Mosaic for making it possible to bring “MOSI in Motion” to M.E.S.