Just the Facts

NOTE: Final mine boundaries that determine what areas of the property will be allowed to be mined have not yet been established for the DeSoto Mine project. Information currently represented here is characteristic of the entire site or the area of the property which is not legally restricted from mining. Once mine boundaries are established for this project, this information will be updated to properly illustrate the portions of the property to be mined under the application.


  • Total Parcel Size = 18,287 acres
    • Area Eligible for Mining / Disturbance = 13,948 / 3,312 acres
    • ERP/CRP Applications Purposed for Mining / Disturbance = 11,403 / 4,778 acres


  • 62% Agriculture
  • 4% Rangeland
  • 11% Upland Forests
  • 0.7% Water
  • 22% Wetlands
  • 0.3% Utilities


  • Initial applications (2011) Undisturbed areas total 1,072 acres.
  • ERP/CRP applications Undisturbed total – 2,107 acres
  • Forested riparian habitat of Buzzard Roost tributary south of SR 70 will be preserved.
  • Other areas associated with the Pine Level United Methodist Church setback, the Pine Level Campground Cemetery setback, and two archaeological sites will be preserved.
  • The 100-year floodplain of Horse Creek and its direct tributaries will not be mined based on the mining prohibition in Section 14602.C.4(b) DeSoto County Land Development Regulations as defined by Comprehensive Plan Map I-7.
  • Additional preservation may be added to address specific concerns or issues as approvals are finalized.


  • Every acre mined will be reclaimed.
  • Pre-mining and post reclamation hydrology, land use, soils and vegetation will be addressed.
  • Bonding requirements to cover reclamation costs will be met as required by The Florida Department of Environmental Protection (FDEP), US Army Corp of Engineers (ACOE) and DeSoto County Mined acreage will be reclaimed as herbaceous and forested wetlands, wet prairie, pine flatwoods, other types of upland forests, pasture, and lakes.


  • Wildlife surveys and monitoring actively conducted since 2006.
  • Wildlife species onsite that will be managed include Gopher Tortoise, Gopher Frog, Florida Burrowing. Owl, Florida Scrub-jay, Florida Sandhill Crane, Northern Crested Caracara, and Sherman’s Fox Squirrel.
  • Protected species will be managed in strict compliance with Florida Fish & Wildlife Conservation Commission, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service guidelines, or approved management plans.


  • SWFWMD Water Use Permit currently includes water quantities for the DeSoto Mine.
  • Over the last 20 years, groundwater has been reduced by more than 50 percent and we reuse or recycle approximately 90 percent of all water used at our Florida phosphate manufacturing facilities.
  • Stormwater is managed on-site, with excess water released through regulated discharge points that are controlled and monitored to meet state water quality standards.
  • A regulated system of monitoring wells, vegetated berms and recharge systems will protect adjacent property and undisturbed areas.


  • Unless special permission is granted by adjacent property owners, mining will be set back at least 1,000 feet from residences or 200 feet from the mine property line, in accordance with DeSoto County’s mining ordinance.


Mosaic must obtain the following approvals or authorizations from federal, state, or local governments to mine and reclaim the DeSoto Mine site:

US Army Corp of Engineers (ACOE) – Clean Water Act Section 404 DA permit

  • Initial ACOE 404 Permit Application – Submitted July 2011
  • Revised ACOE 404 Application (Addressing AEIS Actions) – Submitted June 2014

Florida Department of Environmental Protection (FDEP) – Environmental Resource Permit (ERP) and Conceptual Reclamation Plan (CRP) permits

  • ERP and CRP permits issued April 7, 2017

Mosaic intends to submit applications and additional information responses to the respective agencies while the ACOE and FDEP review their respective applications.

  • ACOE – Section 404 Clean Water Act Certification
  • USFWS – Threatened and Endangered Species Authorization
  • FDEP – Industrial Wastewater Facility Permit (NPDES) (Submitted December 2016. Revised applications to include agency comments. Anticipated submittal June 2017)
  • DeSoto County Commission – Zoning/Land Use
  • DeSoto County Commission – Master Mining & Operating Permit
  • Mosaic obtained the Southwest Florida Water Management District (SWFWMD) Integrated Water Use Permit (Permit No. 20011400.025) in September 2011.



→   Shelley Thornton, Senior Permitting Engineer

→   Bill Brammell, Ecologist

→   Heather B. Nedley, Public Affairs Manager, DeSoto

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